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Mary Escola, 1948-2006

Mary Elizabeth Moore Escola was my seventh grade teacher at Margaret Keating School in Klamath, California. Born May 28, 1948, in Portland Oregon, she passed away peacefully at her home August 23, 2006, in Chico, at the age of 58. … Continue reading

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A Jack Daniel Dare

Doc stood in the doorway of sick-bay when he saw the Humvee roll up tot the Commanders’ tent. There were two Marine Corps officers in the vehicle, one was driving and had the rank of Captain. The other, the passenger … Continue reading

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Shooting the Moon

The early morning sunlight was bright and a slight breeze blew across the track as Tommy stepped on it. The rubbery surface felt good as his spikes dug in. “This is the big day,” Tommy thought to himself. He had … Continue reading

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