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Down In Flames

The piece of paper said “Discharged.” Doc had an awful pit in his stomach. This was the day he had fought so hard to avoid. But he had lost. The fight started months before just after Captain Coville arrived at … Continue reading

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Northern Nevada Experiences a Number of Earthquake

More than 150 aftershocks have been recorded on the west edge of Reno after an earthquake shook cans off shelves, knocked pictures off walls and dislodged rocks on hillsides along the Sierra Nevada. There were no immediate reports of injuries … Continue reading

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Needles, California Wants to be Nevadan

City fathers in Needles, Calif., are looking at leaving the Golden State for the Silver State or perhaps form its own county, so reports the Associated Press this morning. The city of nearly 6,000, ·situated on U.S. Hwy 40 is … Continue reading

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The Battle Over Nevada’s Death Penalty

The American Civil Liberties Union and Nevada Coalition against the Death Penalty called on the Pardons Board to block the October 15, 2007 execution of murderer William Castillo, who had withdrawn his appeals and asked that his execution be carried … Continue reading

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In Less Than a Week

It has been a very strange day in Northern Nevada. I woke up to a thin blanket of snow on the ground and a wind chill of nearly 17 degrees due to some crazy winds. Those were a hold over … Continue reading

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The Conspiracy of Sonny Bono’s Death

An ex-FBI agent claims Congressman Sonny Bono was clubbed to death by hit-men in 1998 and not killed in a skiing accident. Former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson says the politician was killed on the Nevada ski slopes by drug and … Continue reading

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