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Adam Maynard Darby, 46, passed away January 25, 2010 in San Francisco, California. He was born August 4, 1963 in Sacramento, California. He attended school at Margaret Keating Elementary and graduated from Del Norte High School in 1981. Adam served honorably in … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Undone

The cowpuncher pulled on his chaps, Then he cinched up on the straps. That commenced the real fun As he pulled them undone, ‘Cause his gut decided to prolapse.

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What Makes a Cowboy

“What makes you a cowboy?” A ‘slicker asked my friend. My friend scratched his chin, “Ain’t no tellin’,” my friend replied, “Jus’ the way its always been. “Is it the hat or the boots you wears?” The ‘slicker asked my … Continue reading

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Comb Over

Grease the palm that earns the bread, Wringing hands together in nervous frenzy, Running fingers through the hair of the head, Reflecting hard on what’s yet to come. Time for a parting of the ways, The grand brush off comes … Continue reading

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Whole Nine Yards

It was a simple trip out to a medical ship via helicopter and back again. However, the craft would never make it back to dry land. The four of us zipped over the near-white beaches, where tourists played and laid … Continue reading

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Some Friend

It had been a very long day for Dave Barber and I. He had filled in for me at my office while I was working a medical flight to Greeley, Colorado. Earlier in the morning, Sgt. Tommy Jenkins was either shot by … Continue reading

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Gummy Bear Surprise

My neighbor Beth Wachter was well-known for her practical jokes. One night she covered my 1972 Volkswagen Bug with Gummy Bear candy. After she was finished, the fog that had moved in, turned to a heavy mist. The moisture sealed … Continue reading

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