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Summing Up 2010

The year 2010 was all about the ground under our feet: from the devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and China to the Deepwater Horizon explosion that spewed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, and the dramatic … Continue reading

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Between the Posts

A winter storm had blown in and Dave Barber and I were on our way back to the base after being downtown. Somehow I managed to miss the turn for the main gate and we ended up on I-80, which … Continue reading

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Portrait of Barry

It was my first day off in nearly two-weeks.  I was going to Lander’s down the street and have a big bowl of chili and scrambled eggs. “Finally I can do something fun”, I said as I got out of … Continue reading

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The Body of Salmon Brown

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had an interest in my family’s history. While researching Mom’s branch of the family tree, I tripped over a bit of history I had no idea existed. My mother’s family is directly linked … Continue reading

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A Close One

One early morning as I was enjoying breakfast with my sister Deirdre’s family, when I received a phone call from my bride. She was literally crying into the phone saying something about an accident. It took her a couple of … Continue reading

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To Watch and Wait

“Turn off the light,” I demanded as I covered my face. We had been asleep, or at least I had been, but now my brother Adam had turned on the overhead light. I demanded he turn the light off again. … Continue reading

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A Christmas Passing

Christmas morning went fine for the family. However the telephone rang jus’ a few minutes after noon causing Dad and I to race out the door, towards the Yurok Volunteer Fire Department. We were soon en route to an emergency … Continue reading

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