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The Music of One’s Making

Two men, one from Las Vegas and the other from Reno, have pleaded not guilty in a slaying over a dispute involving a $9,000 debt.  Keon Park and Min Chang entered their pleas in the slaying of Young Park, who is not … Continue reading

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Kick’em in the Left Knee

As I recall we had an undefeated football team at Margaret Keating School the year I graduated, so why Mr. Tom Brown was so angry at us, I don’t know.  All I can remember is we were singing rally songs … Continue reading

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Joe Gensaw, 1962-2011

Another fellow Klamath River-Rat has been laid to rest. Joe Gensaw died January 12, 2011 in Eureka. Little Joe, as he was known by many who grew up with him, was born in Crescent City, November 15, 1962. As a … Continue reading

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The Case For and Against Individual Self Analysis

The on-air sign lit up and Fletch Taylor spoke to his unseen audience, “And tonight our guest will be renowned psychologist Doctor Sue Conrad. Doctor, it’s great to have you with us.” “It’s great to be here, Mr. Taylor,” she … Continue reading

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Prince Pidera and the Valley of Bad Things

This is the very first story I ever wrote. It’s almost too embarrassing to share – but why stop now. Once in a land, far away, a boy named Price Pidera asked his father, the great King Wezi, if he … Continue reading

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My Little Brother

Before I could enroll as a full-time student at Humboldt State University, I had to take several Veteran’s Upward Bound courses. One of these classes was English, taught by a woman named Mrs. Sue Green. She had the class write … Continue reading

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The Tougher Lesson

It’s one of the tougher lessons of life anyone can bear witness too — the sudden and unexpected death of a friend. Such is the case for my son, Kyle, who attended school with Maison Ortiz. Maison is the Galena … Continue reading

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