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Sawmills and Scalps

The first sawmill in Del Norte County was established in 1853 in a gulch near the intersection of Third and C Streets in Crescent City. The machinery shipped from Pomona and it was F. E. Watson who built and operated … Continue reading

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Cathy Dunlap, 1956-1976

The accident happened sometime in the early morning hours, jus’ north of the Trees Motel. The vehicle Cathy Dunlap was in drifted off of Highway 101 and slammed into the trees lining the road. Dad said Cathy, who had turned 20-years-old the … Continue reading

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Return of the Skinny Man

“I think I jus’ saw a ghost,” Julio said as he walked into the newsroom. It caused me to flash back to a couple of weeks before, when Paul came to work at his regular time. I was putting the … Continue reading

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Inspired Writing: O. Henry

It was during my banishment from Margaret Keating School and while attending St. Joe’s that I learned about William Sydney Porter. He’s better known by nom de plume as O. Henry. Now I had heard of O. Henry and knew … Continue reading

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Dave Barnett

Our falling out started shortly after I went to work at KNSS. He left the station about the same time and went to work at KROI. Dave Barnett and I hadn’t gotten along for a number of years afterwards. Finally in 2000, I … Continue reading

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Political Temper Tantrums and Jobs

Nevada’s unemployment rate held steady at 13.4 percent in September as jobless figures fell in other states. The September figure is a drop from a year ago at 14.9 percent.     State employment department economists say 10,000 jobs were added, … Continue reading

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Perfect Bite Mark

Mom was baking cookies and had jus’ set the metal baking sheet on the counter to cool before lifting them off. Her last words were, “Be careful, it’s hot.” Evidently, Deirdre wasn’t listening,  more focused on the cookies than what … Continue reading

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