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Loss of Another Friend

When I first saw her picture and before I heard her name, I thought I knew her. That’s because she looks remarkably like a young woman named Jeanine I used to work with and even DJ’d for her at her … Continue reading

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Nevada’s “Waver,” Passes Away

“The Waver,” has died at his home in Iowa at the age of 75. Ed Carlson was an institution in Reno from 1974 to 2007 when he moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to be close to family. He used to wave at drivers … Continue reading

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“Wild Bill” Cody Signs Off

He was perhaps the the most popular air talent in Reno during the mid-80s and early 90’s. Wild Bill Cody, voted as the region’s best radio personality for six years dating back to at least the early 1990s, is dead … Continue reading

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Tahoe Goes Hand-in-Hand with United Nation’s Planning

Along with the Lake Tahoe Regional Plan Update, “Mobility 2035” was also approved by regional board in December 2012. Mobility 2035 is a coordinated transportation improvement plan that helps reduce the environmental impact of transportation, create walkable communities, and alternatives … Continue reading

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A Shoe with Three Stripes

When I was in high school and on the track team, I wore Adidas track shoes. They were blue with three white stripes that I stained yellow, so it would go with our school colors. I had no idea at … Continue reading

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The Ship Ashore Mass Murders

“Smith River, Calif.  (UPI) —  An overnight motel guest “went berserk” Sunday night and killed four persons with a high-powered rifle.” That’s the dateline from a newspaper clipping I have from 1975. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 23rd, 1951. He … Continue reading


Radio Station Specter

It was drizzling lightly as I pulled into the stations parking lot. A heavy storm was forecast to arrive that might lead to wide-spread flooding so I was at work a few minutes early to get an update on what the local authorities were … Continue reading

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