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Divesting Jimmy

After-school football went along swell, like every practice Jimmy was out giving his best. After two-hours of blocking, tackling and running plays, he was looking forward to a shower, getting dressed and the long bus ride home, where he could … Continue reading

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The last couple of months, all I seem to be doing is crying. Since March a number of things have happened in my life that have unsettled me. My youngest sister’s died, knocking my legs from under me, my son … Continue reading

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The Smartest-Dumb Thing

During the first of three-weeks of what was lightly termed an ‘Indoctrination Course,’ by the Marine Corps, I learned to react immediately when a Drill Instructor directed me to do something. In reality the old saw, “When I tell you to … Continue reading

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Notes on the Media

Here’s the bubble the national media lives in: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas-Fort Worth. When you see political opinion polls, know that these top five markets are from where those numbers come from and with the … Continue reading



Two friends had been out a little later than they should have. They came home to their wives late and then met the next day. One man said to the other, “Was your wife angry because we were out so … Continue reading

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Zenda of the Marines

“Third time’s a charm, my…” Zenda let the thought fade as she pulled the door open to the local unemployment office. In fact, it was her fourth venture to the office as she battled the bureaucracy to get an unemployment … Continue reading

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Valeria Van Zanten, 1913-2017

Sadly, another touch of my childhood has slipped into Heaven — and it’s so bitter-sweet, leaving traces of tears on my cheeks. Valeria Van Zanten passed away on May 4, 2017 in Crescent City, California, at the age of 103. … Continue reading

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