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When Werewolves Attack

Well, this is no good… Watching a story from Destination Travel about a family whose cabin is besieged by a pack of (were) wolves. So into it, I didn’t know one of our dogs was outside. As l got up … Continue reading


Water and Words

For more than an hour I sat at the computer, screen blank. Not a word, not a letter, nothing. And I was beyond frustrated. “Writer’s block,” I concluded as I got up and headed for a place I knew would … Continue reading

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It was our dog, Buddy, who alerted first. He sprang to his feet and emitted a low growl of warning, which caused me to wake up immediately. “What is it, boy?” I asked stupidly, sleepily. Then I heard it – … Continue reading

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Alice Morgan, 1931-2017

As I told a friend of mine, “’Adulting’ seems to be getting more and more difficult as we get older.” That’s because another fixture from my childhood has taken up residency in Heaven, as Alice Morgan passed away on October … Continue reading

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Driven to Dance

A police officer pulled me over and asked, “Is everything okay, sir?” I told him it was, then asked, “Why?” He explained, “The way your were moving around in your seat, I thought you were have a problem.” Smiling, I … Continue reading

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Desert Crossing

The squad made their way across the open desert.  Progress was achingly slow as the lone mine-sweeping operator encountered partially buried objects that he couldn’t identify. “What the hell are they, L-T?” the Sergeant asked the new Lieutenant. Shaking his … Continue reading

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The Red Headed Giants of Lovelock

While thumbing through an old Nevada history book, I happened on a story called “Washoe Giant Killer.” It brought back to mind the time when, with a TV news reporter friend, we started looking into the Redheaded Giants of Lovelock, … Continue reading

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