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Fishing for Chickens

Before we were old enough to go out and help around the farm, like our cousins, my brother and I would end up staying with Grandma. There was very little to do, so we quickly grew bored and that’s how … Continue reading

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Wished Away

Tambor Adams was a natural-born complainer. His chief complaint being that he always wished he were someplace else than where he was now. Time and again, family, friends and co-workers heard him say, “I wish I wasn’t here.” It didn’t … Continue reading

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The Up-ending Sneeze

Boredom got the better of me and I decided to visit a book store to have a look around. I didn’t buy anything as my wife says ‘One more book and I’m gonna do more with it than throw it … Continue reading

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Dusty Road

Love the long dusty road, Crunch of gravel Beneath boot and hoof. Come on friend, travel Down that dusty road, Where life awaits. Thirty-year old tractor, Fence posts, barbed wire, Barking ranch dogs, Kids doing chores. Heifer, hawk, coyote Down … Continue reading

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No Apologies

More like a river Than that of a man. Fast flowing water. No apologies For being untamed.

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Reheated Coffee

“i should be writing,” i keep telling myself. instead i sit here at my computer listening to the washing machine beat the crap out of the bed linen. stumped for a subject, something not political, i surrender to my baser … Continue reading


Bottoms Up

It was an early Monday morning, around three or so, when a man came into the air base’s emergency room, doubled over in pain. I was working the intake desk as well as assisting in medical situations when needed. “I … Continue reading

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