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Simply, Happy New Year

Awoke this morning to the dog’s barking alarm. We had a hot air balloon operating in the area and both Yaeger and Buddy are suspicious of such objects floating over our neighborhood. Made for a beautiful photo-op, though. Once I … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookies

Mary brought home Chinese order-out, using a gift card she received for Christmas. After finishing our meal, I cracked open a fortune cookie and read my ‘fortune,’ while crunching on the broken cookie-shell. It reads: “Your ability for accomplishment will … Continue reading

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Another Facebook Banning

It’s another Friday, and it’s another Facebook (FB) ban for me. This time I’m in social media detention for three-days, which means it’ll be a new year before I can login and post anything. The last time I found myself … Continue reading

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It’s really hard to watch our eldest dog coming to the end of her life. She has dementia and – even though she dances around for her food at dinnertime – she needs hand-feeding as she’s has for the most … Continue reading

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The Humorless Faithful

Knock, knock, knock… The door opens to smiling faces: “Have you found God?” “Oh, no, is God missing?” “No, no, I mean – have you found Jesus?” “Oh, dear, is he missing, too?” The trio turns, walks from the porch … Continue reading

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Post Confessional Truth Disorder

While I fully understand the idea behind ‘confession,’ and how a Priest is an intercessor and such, I wonder if any other ‘Reformed Catholics,’ like myself, suffer at the idea of surrendering our deepest, innermost secrets to another human being. … Continue reading

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Other People’s Writing

After reading other people’s writings from the various blog site’s I follow, I find myself dealing with a twinge of jealousy. ‘Damn, I wish I had said that,’ or ‘Man, that is a line that expresses everything.’ Then I have … Continue reading

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