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A Day in the Life of Death

Sam Smith. That’s the name he’d been going by for the last 150-plus years and it suited him fine, like the 21st Century and it’s clothing styles, which he thought of as he adjusted his tie, making certain that the … Continue reading


Poor Thomas’ Almanac for January 30: In 1835, Andrew Jackson survived the first attempt against the life of a U.S. president. Time’s are  changing as the media is openly calling for the assassination of President Donald Trump.

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Third Night

There’s a Cherokee tale called ‘White Wolf and Black Wolf’ and I’m about to purposely screw it up. Last night, I allowed Black Wolf to control me. In my darkness, Black Wolf bit down on my head like a vice-grip, … Continue reading

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The Bargain

My friend passed away. I thought her death unfair. She’d beaten cancer only the week before. Grief consists of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Sometimes these five stages come one at a time or all at once.  In my … Continue reading

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Misplaced feelings (happy, sad, glad, mad) are common as I learned following the death of a good friend. All the night of her passing I whined about how sad I was that she’d beat cancer, only to be taken because … Continue reading

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Cheryl Darnell, 1950-2018

“But I thought she was getting better?” I asked. Kay responded, “Yeah, the doctor said her cancer has gone into remission.” “That was three days ago, so why is she back in the hospital now?” “Some sort of infection.” That’s … Continue reading


To Possess His Heart

A simple fling; a one night stand, that’s all it was to be, but it turned into much more than that. He wasn’t very happy with himself for screwing around on his wife, but it was too late to worry … Continue reading

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