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Bad Hair Day

This is February’s monthly watercolor submission. Advertisements

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One of Those

Legalism simply defined is the dependence on law rather than faith. Once, I got into a heated exchange after claiming the Bible to be the “perfectly inspired word of God.” “Oh, you’re one of those,” he responded. “Yes,” I shot … Continue reading

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Alice in Munchkinland

She was watching the white rabbit carrying a satchel. Being curious, Alice Liddell followed the hare into the garden. “Why are you running?” she asked. “I’m very late. No time to talk.” “You can speak!” “No I can’t, I’m late.” … Continue reading

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The next time someone tries to shame you by calling you a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ tell them to look up how in 1932 the federal government gave 600 Black men syphilis to study the diseases progression, in 1933 poisoned the alcohol … Continue reading

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Found Camera and Photographic Surprises

“Found a badly thrashed Nikon CoolPix L31 camera hanging on a tree branch while driving in the desert south and west of the Hungry Valley Rez. It has a slightly bent and mangled micro SD chip and I’m doing my … Continue reading


Murder, Upgraded

Dugan dipped beneath the yellow police tape and walked through the door, “What do we have?” “Another one and more of the same,” came the answer. He walked towards the back of the abandoned house. Streams of bloody cast off … Continue reading

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Judge Softly

“Just walk a mile in his moccasins, before you abuse, criticize and accuse,” Mary T. Lathrap wrote in her 1895 poem, ‘Judge Softly.’ But looking at the seven-inch high heel on my neighbor’s boots, that shiny black patent leather, reaching … Continue reading

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