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The Interview

“Welcome to Jerusalem this evening. Earlier today, we caught up with the spokesperson of a man executed 24-hours ago by the local authorities. He claims his client was innocent. But what about his political activities?” “There are none, his only … Continue reading

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It’s good to be careful. It’s instinctual, that God-given internal voice that tells us something’s not right and that we must beware. We’re suspicious of people we don’t know because we worry that they’ll take advantage of us and so … Continue reading

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Everyday that I awaken brings the chance for me to draw in a breath, kick off the dregs of the day before and to venture out into a new world. The same can be said for you, too. That is … Continue reading

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“More, more, more,” goes the song ‘Rebel Yell,’ by Billy Idol. We always want more. More things, more mullah, more friends. Whatever it might be that we think we don’t have enough of, if only we had more of it … Continue reading

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A Splash of Spring

Here’s my watercolor entry for the month of March.

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It’s All About You

Your attitude determines the state of the world you live in. It can make you or break you. It isn’t understood why a positive attitude influences our minds and bodies the way that it does; we only know that it … Continue reading

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Debbie Carrington, 1958-2018

Odd that I was jus’ recently thumbing through a 1983 People magazine I’ve kept, where ‘Return of the Jedi’ actress Debbie Carrington talked about wearing an Ewok suit, comparing it to a sauna, requiring the crew to continually hand out … Continue reading