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You, like most everyone, have attended a work meeting or a party. It’s easy to say one is more entertaining because of the nature of the event, however this isn’t exactly correct. The differences are in the attendee’s attitudes. There’s … Continue reading

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Lady Bugged

Ended up writing a poem for April’s watercolor artwork… This ladybug’s a him, With waxed moustache, His color bright red, And spots for panache — Bug doctor beware: He is not for your stash.

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Sweat House

Eleven, that’s the age Sandy Sanderson invited me to partake in a ‘sweat-house ceremony.’ At first, I wasn’t going to do it, fearful that I was about find myself in a position to have to endure more teasing than I … Continue reading

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Twisted Strand

Writer and blogger, H.R.R. Gorman wrote ‘Designing Assassins,’ in 2014. I’ve taken the liberty to write a 100-word follow-up to this dystopian masterpiece… —– Cal’s keyboard chatters, his fingers busy typing. We work on the same project, so he has … Continue reading

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Patriotism Rebounding

Zooming southbound on Pyramid Highway at noon-time, I heard the first subtle strains of the National Anthem come through my truck’s radio. Initially, it surprised me as I was certain I had music station Easy 104.1 (KEUZ, Fallon, Nevada) blasting … Continue reading

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Thirty-five stories and she had to trudge her way to the top. It was something she didn’t want to do, but had to do. Carla was on a mission. She had to try out her new wings. She stood before … Continue reading

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We live in a state of constant noise. Human activity – vehicles, heavy machinery, airplanes, and electronic devices. The natural world – birds, wind, thunder and insects. Rarely, do we experience actual quiet. When we do, we’re compelled to fill … Continue reading

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