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One-Horse Town: Heated Escape (Chapter 10)

“You gotta plan to get us outta this?” John asked. “Yeah,” Brady answered. “I think we ought to go under to get around them.” John wrinkled his brow because he didn’t understand what Brady was suggesting. Brady kneeled and using … Continue reading

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One-Horse Town: Stand-off in the Night (Chapter 9)

The sun was hanging above the cholla when Brady decided to stop and set up camp. By then he’d been on trail about three hours and had put Bixby some 10 to 12 miles behind him. As he began to … Continue reading

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Crow Steals a Cookie

Wanting to lick my wounded pride from another employment rejection letter, I grabbed two chocolate chip cookies, my water-filled mason jar and headed out back. Sitting in a chair, next to a low table, under our tree, I looked up … Continue reading

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One-Horse Town: Betsy Green, Proprietor (Chapter 8)

John and Brady looked at one another as the voice stated, “Him. Not him.” Brady stepped forward, “Not you – him.” Surprised, Brady stepped back and John entered the store. Soon he came to the door way, “Come on in. … Continue reading

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One-Horse Town: In the Valley (Chapter 7)

The desert slowly gave way to undulating hills and washes that slowed the pairs trek to Bixby. It appeared that there wasn’t an easy trail to the town or that they’d somehow missed it altogether. By noon of their third … Continue reading

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One-Horse Town: Unanswered Questions (Chapter 6)

To catch up with our story so far, begin here. It felt like a life time since he’d last looked up into the night-time and viewed the dazzle of stars above him. Brady lay on his bed roll, saddle for … Continue reading

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One Bad Apple

In a land that grows the best apples in the world, one has to be more than simply impressive to better the best. Grimhilde de Queen was exactly that person, proving it when she brought home the coveted Pomological Society … Continue reading

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