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The Flaws of Attraction

“I’ve got pretty good gay-dar,” I told my friend of a few years after he decided to come out to me. Shocked that I wasn’t surprised, “Well, why didn’t you say anything if you already knew?” “Not my business. I … Continue reading

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Broad Brush

All she said was, “If you’re moving, leave your politics behind.” He accused her of using a broad brush, lumping everyone one into one category. But she didn’t. Had she done so, she would have said, “All professors and academics … Continue reading

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A Detective Calls

Based on J.B. Priestly’s 1945 play, “An Inspector Calls.” “Grandma,” seven-year-old Edie Croft shouted as she walked from the front door. “There’s a police man who wants to talk to you.” Sybil Birling stepped in from outside where the family … Continue reading

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Close Encounter

Ollie hadn’t been at the dog park in days. “So where have you been?” Spot asked. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” “Try us,” Blackie countered. Coco chimed in, “Yeah, try us, Ollie.” “Okay, but you ain’t gonna … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon

Slowly ‘Harvest Moon’ rose against the eastern horizon, shining it’s white light across the open plain, shadowed hill, the vacant desert.  “A beautiful sight,” called the Ravens. ‘Harvest Moon’ hung gently between clouds dancing amid graying puffs as they floated … Continue reading

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Alexa: “It’s not fair that you get to go everyplace he goes.” Siri: “I can’t help it. I’m a part of his cell phone.” Alexa: “So?! Turn yourself off!” Siri: “I can’t do that to him!” Alexa: “Fine! Then I’ll … Continue reading

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Gordon couldn’t pass up the chance to visit New York, when his daughter asked. He’d never been and being a photographer, the older man thought it was an exciting opportunity to capture some great images of the city and the … Continue reading

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