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Lost and Found

“What the eff is that?” I mumble to myself as I continue to trudge up the game trail. I can’t help but scout around to see if there’s anybody – or perhaps, simply a body, dead — anywhere about. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Death in a Single Swallow

Sleep never came easily to Manny. To combat it, he could often be found taking lonely walks at all hours of the night or morning. Oddly, one of the more comforting places he would visit in the dark was the … Continue reading

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When he first entered the opening, Aaron surely knew which way was up. He also had a certainty that he could find his way back, especially after he located the stairwell leading downward. Somehow though, between the heaviness of the … Continue reading

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The Clever Herr Duerr

The clever Herr Johann Duerr had the art of the sale down to a science; wait a day after the latest attack and show up in town with the remedy. In this case, Vampire Killing Kits. Not only did his … Continue reading

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Woman with Blue Washcloth

This is August’s watercolor.

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Wooden Wing Frame

A few weeks before the tearing down of the Nevada Hereford Ranch barn and other outbuildings in Spanish Springs, Nevada, I decided to go exploring the buildings that weren’t locked. In one of the outbuildings I found the remains of … Continue reading

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Hair of Man

“We gotta do something about this,” Maggie Winslow complained as she held up a wad of hair larger than a softball which she’d pulled from the dryer’s lint trap. “And I don’t even wanna think about what it’s doing to … Continue reading

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