The polar vortex is creating so much ice that even the sun slipped over the horizon.



Pam watched her mom, guided by their good friend Ruth, walk down the steps and get in the car. She returned to front door, wanting to get out of the cold, only to look back as the car backed out of the drive.

“It’s nice of Ruth to give me a little break,” Pam smiled, as she poured herself a cup of fresh-made coffee.

She was going to sit and enjoy a piece of toast with her coffee, followed by a longer than unusual shower, as she need to shave her hair legs. But as she sat at the dining table, a knock came to the front door.

“Ah, hell,” she thought, “What’d they forget?”

As she opened the door, she found a young man standing there, hands in his heavy jacket. He had a strange look on his face, as if surprised to see her.

“Yes,” Pam ask, “Can I help you?”

Without a word, the young man withdrew a pistol from his pocket and pointed it at Pam’s face. Her flight response kicked in and she spun to her left to get away from the gun, but it was too late.

The blast sent a bullet slamming into the left side of her head, killing her almost instantly. Her body’s momentum continued and she twisted through the air until she came to rest on her left side, bullet wound gushing blood directly into the padded carpet.

The young man withdrew a cheap handkerchief from his other pocket and closed the door before slowly and quietly walking away.

Ernie had wandered through the area for the last seven days. He’d parked a block and a half away and around the corner from the main street, walking around the block, making it seem as if he belonged to the neighborhood.

As he did, he took note of his surroundings, that is to say, who was out, who saw him and more importantly, who he saw. He had a particular type of person in mind and he needed to keep his eyes open for such.

The third day, as he walked down the street, Ernie saw exactly what he was looking for as the younger woman helped the older lady from the car and into the house. It would be another four days of careful observation before he’d make his move.

Each day he returned, though he didn’t under stand why, he felt that certain need grow stronger

“Nine-one-one,” came the operators voice.

“I jus’ came home  and found my daughter, Connie. She’s bleeding from her head,” cried an older woman.

“From her head?”

“Yes, amd I think she’s dead.”

For hours the police and deputies scoured the crime scene. But they didn’t find any evidence.

“Looks like everything happened right here,” the junior detective on scene stated.

“One shot into the side of her head,” the lead detective stated, “Looks like she was trying to get away.”

The junior detective squatted down by the open front door and looked at the frame and the lock, “Think she might have known her killer?”

“No idea.”

“I know it’s too early to say — but do you think this connected to the other three?”

“Same method, but without a clear motive or some other forensics, I haven’t the foggiest.”

The pair stood looking down at the cold body before them.

“Well, if it’s okay with you, I’m gonna start the neighborhood canvas.”

“Good, lets hope somebody saw something. And tell the coroner to come in and take the body away.”

“Will do.”

Nearly 25-hundred miles, across the country in a windowless office, a small group of FBI agents huddled over a conference table, pouring through data collected from the three previous murders. After nearly four days of quantifying and redressing solutions, a fax was sent waiting detectives:

The UnSub is more than likely an 18 to 22 years old male, five-foot-six inches to five-foot-eight in height, 200-220 pounds and is right-handed.

  • He feels rejected, bullied, and is a social outcast, but also believes he’s generally smarter than others.
  • He also has history of bed wetting, arson and animal mutilation.
  • The last two, arson and animal mutilation are autoerotic with a brief period of sexual arousal and self-stimulation following.
  • This autoerotic disposition will increase his need to commit more violent acts and with greater frequency.
  • Finally, the UnSub is highly mobile and because of this ability to move around at will, his activities will continue.

Ernie looked at his right hand, the one that had held the gun, “The power of a god,” he whispered with a smile on his lips.

The excitement that coursed through his body made it difficult to sleep, hard to eat and impossible to concentrate. Killing a human being, for Ernie, was far more thrilling than setting fires or slashing and shooting cows and horses, which he’d been doing for the last few years.

“Not even dogs or cats get that look of terror in their eye,” Ernie thought, “As they were about to die. They jus’ give up.”

Then he reminded himself that he had made a mistake, he had shot the wrong woman. It was the older woman he’d desired to kill.

“Oh well, mistakes happen. I’ll get the next one right.”

He then took the time to pleasure himself, masturbating with a generous amount of baby-lotion at the memory of killing the random woman. Ernie fell asleep shortly following release.

“Yeah,” said a neighbor who lived two houses down and across the street from the crime scene, “I’ve seen this kid walking around here the last few days. He’s got bright red hair, kinda the color of Cheetos and he’s pretty chubby.”

“If you saw him again,” the police officer asked, “Would you recognize him?”

“Sure, but I can do you one better, I have footage from my camera system.”

“You do? Great, let me get a detective over here right away!”

“No problem. Anything to help.”