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A mathematician celebrates 4/20 on 1/5 because he knows how to do fractions. Advertisements

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Do like Jesus, if you can’t turn the tables, flip them over instead.

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She danced like nobody was watching, and once they weren’t watching, she left her date, a guy she couldn’t stand and went home to her husband.

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An App for That

While I’m used to my night terrors, having a good old-fashioned nightmare is rare and even more unusual is the occasional bad dream. This bad dream began as a stress-test of sorts as I was unable to take a shower … Continue reading

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I watched the video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing. The last time I saw a Commie that could dance that well was Jane Fonda in 1982.

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It’s a proven fact that having sex on a regular basis helps improve the memory. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2009.

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