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Watercolor and ink, 8 x 11 1/2 Advertisements

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FDR Report Cover Page

My high school U.S. history teacher, Mr. Costello assigned the class a report. I ended up doing mine on President Franklin Roosevelt. Evidently, Mr. Costello wasn’t impressed with my artwork. He wrote over it, commenting on everything from content, to … Continue reading

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Bull Dogger

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Old Writings, New Discoveries and OMG!

While digging around in our attic, sorting out my camping gear, I discovered a shit-load of poems I wrote between September 2001 and February 2003. A lot of that time, I spent off the grid, running from myself and eventually addressing … Continue reading

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The Gardener Came Today

Robbie Cheadle is the woman behind the website, ‘Roberta Writes.’ She recently penned a flash-fiction story titled, “Lavender not Forever,” that I found kinda erotic, so added to it, only this time from the gardener’s point of view… John watched … Continue reading

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