"Quit bellyaching! They'll be here." "Ain't no one coming to visit us.” "I can hear their footsteps!" "You can?" "Yes, now dust off your tombstone – we're dead, not bums!” “Okay.”


Like making your bunk, regulation-style, or maintaining a proper gig-line, it’s a common item that every branch of the US military shares: socks. They are a great source for individual training and discipline because the instructions are easy; pull your socks all the way up and keep them up. The moral: find that common point …

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Imaginary Nevada: January 22, 1920 Wen Shu Tang owned five laundry businesses, a restaurant and two pig farms in the small town of Dayton, Nevada. His family had come from the main land in 1857 and settled in the town because it had been the largest Chinese population center  outside of San Francisco at the time. Having spent the …

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