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Frankenstein, Reimagined

They gathered round the windmill, pitchforks and torches filled their violent hands. There was a palpable feeling of fear to the fog and smoke-filled air as they shouted their demands. “Send him out!” “We know he’s in there!” “If you … Continue reading

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In 2020 we’re gonna have lots of puns and jokes about ‘vision.’ I can see it clearly.

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Sex: Work or Play

A a newly married man wonders if having sex on Good Friday is a sin because he is not sure if sex is work or play. He asks a priest for his opinion on this question. The priest says after … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, the Mueller Report is available as a coloring book for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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The Runaway

Our lab bolted under the garage door as it opened. In seconds he was heading his usual direction of west, up the street. “Shit,” I complain, “Forgot to put the dog-door down.” He and I have had this interaction before. … Continue reading

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You never know what I might have up my sleeve. For example — today it was a dryer-sheet.

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When testing the waters — it’s best to know how to swim.

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